Tuesday 4 November 2014

New ATCs, plus an update on projects I'm working on...

  So. Some new Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) I made recently. These are from a new series of ATCs I'll be doing simply called "Black and White". They'll be numbered differently from my other ATCs, running from BW 001 through to BW 020. (So logically, you can deduce there'll be twenty cards within this series.)

  Here are the first three for this series:

  Other than this, I've taken on a small zentangle commision. That client likes elephant, so that's what I'm drawing. Follow me on Instagram to see the final outcome of that: @havepen_willdraw

  I've also been starting multiple personal art projects... I'm getting back into drawing zentangle-inspired art, and have begun a new series called "Illustrated Poems" and I'm really excited for you guys to see the first piece I'm currently working on. ^-^

  I've been working on a new coloured pencil piece titled "Flame of Passion". If you remember my last coloured pencil drawing titled "Princess of the Sun"... Well, yeah. "Flame of Passion" will be the second piece in a series of three. Try to guess what kind of bird is in "Flame of Passion".

  I've been experimenting with my Inktense pencils and hope to make a review of it soon. Trying to discover new art products to review... Metallic pencils, onyx pencils, colourless blenders, art bars... I think it's gonna' be fun.

  Anddd~ I've also been reading art books so I can be able to review them some time in the following weeks. I'll soon be putting up a review of Paul Arden's best selling "It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be.". I also plan on doing reviews of "Art Inc." by Lisa Congdon, and a video of me flipping through "2014 Sketch Collection" by Kin Jung-Gi once it's out.

  So, in short, it's been busy. A good kind of busy, though. :)

  Christmas season is starting. It's my favourite holiday of the year. But, gawd, did 2014 fly by so quickly... Stay tuned for a review on Derwent's new Inspire Me sketchbook, and also don't forget to take part in my Derwent Graphik pens giveaway~  ^-^

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