Tuesday 25 November 2014

Updates to this Blog

  I've changed the navigation bar because I felt certain posts needed to be easily reached. Now my most popular posts are in the "useful posts" link; and the links to all my social media platforms have their own tab. It looks neater this way. :)

  I've also changed the search bar into a more artsy one and have placed it at the top of the sidebar. And~ I've also added a "related post" widget at the end of each post. You won't see it if you're on the homepage. It only appears when you click on a post.

  I'm always trying to make this blog better and more user-friendly, so if you find any broken links or little things that annoy you, do let me know.

  I have a book review of Kim Jung-Gi scheduled to be posted next week. And also a review of Da Vinci's exhibition. I've recently ordered five other books from Amazon; I have a book titled "Subtract" that I backed on a Kickstarter project that I'm excited to show you guys; and I have other books I'm currently reading that I really want to review soon too. I'm also working on my Illustrated Poems Series, and I have other project ideas in my head too. So, it;s safe to say I'm pretty stoked for all of that.

  It's almost the end of the year... How fast time flies.

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