Thursday 13 November 2014

Christmas Special: Scrapbook Materials Haul

  It's nearing Christmas, my ever-favourite holiday of the year. No, I'm not Christian. It's just a family tradition. I buy presents for my loved ones... We get to set up our Christmas tree... And we're hardcore on our Christmas decorations. We have a tree that's almost 180cm tall, and our decorations follow a theme we decide on every year, so every year is different. This year, we're going for a silvery-white Christmas. :) My mum roasts a chicken (cause turkeys are over-rated) and we gather with our friends and family and have a nice dinner together.  We exchange gifts and also reflect on on accomplishments through that year, and be thankful for having people whom we love around us.

  One of the ways I show I'm thankful for my loved ones is through hand-made cards. So in this haul, I'll show you the artsy, scrapbook-ing things I bought to make cards for this upcoming holiday. ^-^

  First off... Cards would not be without pretty, printed paper.

  I bought lots of printed paper from Art Friend. Each piece of paper is printed on both sides so you can make one card from each paper, or choose one side of the design to use. 
Sooooo pretty~

They even sold printed vellum paper. The silver looked so nice against a more solid background.
It was a nightmare to glue, though. I wasted half of a printed paper on botched attempts....
Never again shall I attempt glueing a full sheet of vellum paper to something, ever again.

The snow print looks so delicate and gorgeous. And the "falala" print is so festive. Love them.

Other papers I got for future projects.
The decorated papers cost about $1.50 each, while the plain colored ones cost $0.90.
  You can visit Art Friend to buy plenty of goodies and other craft stuffs. A list of their locations; here.

  Next on the list, is decorations for my cards. Which includes... 

Button stickers! Lookie~ So many designs~
   I bought them from a seller called "$3-$5 DIY Store" on aliexpress. They sell lots of crafty things on their store and provide free shiping to Singapore. Close ups of some of the stickers...
They're all matte, and very pretty.

Plus, they're very affordable.

  Also from the same store, I bought some other label stickers...

You can see that they've shapes punched into them, and they're glossy.

And some other labels and button stickers.
They're of the same designs, just that half of them are solid and thick stickers, while the other half are translucent and very thin.

The store also gave me a free gift- stickers that look like stamps. Very sweet of them.

Moving along... From Daiso; washi tapes, lace tape, and a punch. $2 each for the lace, and travel tape. The punch also cost $2. While the other three washi tapes cost $2 in a bundle. The Tampines Daiso currently has lots of washi tapes... 

I absolutely loved the lace tape but when I visited it again recently, they didn't stock them anymore. Shall buy more if I ever see them selling them again.
They also sold fabric tape. Very Japanese-y. I also loved the gold details on the tape, although I have no idea how I'm  going to use them... But they were sooo pretty~ I had to get them.
  Speaking of washi tapes, a while ago, I bought a bundle of washi tapes from this seller called "prettymagpie" on Carousell. She sells loads of different kinds of tapes, and also sells sampler sticks of tape. What are they, you ask? You can choose 4 designs from all the tapes she has, and she'll put 1metre of those tapes onto an ice cream stick and mail it to you. Each stick costs $2, and for someone like me who likes more variety instead of large qualities (since I'll never get around to using a full roll of tape), it's perfect.
I got myself 2 sticks, and I absolutely loved using the different designs.
   Prettymagpie also gave me a free gift with my purchase- some punch outs for scrapbooking, and amongst them were some butterflies, and I loved them. So I went on a search for butterfly punches and found a very suitable one on aliexpress. I bought mine on sale at slightly under $17, but it usually retails at $18 with free shipping. You can see the listing and buy one for yourself here.

They sent me a purple one, which was the colour I was hoping for and the butterflies are really pretty on my cards. I love it. 

  Here's what I did with all the pretty papers, and stickers, and tape:

Inside... (of course I haven't written anything in the cards yet... Personal mah...)


  And of course, with cards come gifts, too. I bought gift tags and wrapping paper from IKEA. Apparently they're stocking up a lot of silver and gold Christmas decorations this year and it was whilst my mum and I were shopping there that we decided we'd have a silvery-white Christmas this year.

Gift tags and a ball of gold string to tie gifts.
I made some bookmarks for a friend, which is somewhat counter-intuitive since I also bought her a Kindle......

Silver and gold wrapping paper (which I sometime use as pretty backgrounds when I review art products... teehee)

Annndddddd~ The silver star we're going to be putting on our Christmas tree this year.

  I argued with my mum saying that star should always be gold but she said we've had gold stars on our tree for the past three years or so, and that the theme this year was silvery-white so a gold star wouldn't match the theme. "You not thinking clearly," is what she said exactly. I had to agree with her, so here is our silver star for our tree this year.

  So! That was all the things I bought with this haul. I hope you've enjoyed this post as much as I've enjoyed writing it. I might even post another haul some other time too. ^-^

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