Thursday 27 November 2014

Book Reviews: Sketch Collection 2007, 2011, 2013.

2007, 2011, and 2013 Sketch Collection by Kim Jung-Gi
So, these are the books. 

Pictured: 2013 in its sealed box. Very cute car tape.
Be careful when opening this box cause the poster is right on top of it and if you're not careful, you might cut into it or tear it...

The much smaller 2007 book on top of the 2013 one.

All books come with a signed poster (the white paper in the picture is the poster, but it's closed) and a little bookmark.

  The 2007 book is the thinnest and smallest of the three volumes. I bought the 2011 book first, then bought the 2007 and 2013 books on a later date together. I loved the all three volumes for different reasons. (Do take note before watching the videos that there is nudity and sexual scenes depicted within the books.)

  The 2007 book was filled with more watercolour sketches, a good mix of gesture drawings, and sketches of animals and vehicles and caricatures.

  The 2011 was packed loaded with gorgeous pen and ink sketches and drawings, lots of watercolour drawings, gesture drawings, life drawings, erotic nudes, bondage scenes, and other sketches.

  I felt the 2013 book had more gesture drawings, and they felt more sketchbook-like. I liked that you could see the amount of raw talent Kim Jung-Gi had. I also liked the fact that he was just like any other artist and also made mistakes and like any of us do, and that he also abandoned some sketches sometimes. In the previous volume, the sketches felt really perfect and pristine, but in this volume he felt much more real, of sorts. There was also some really detailed ink drawings that were really full of details and there was a surprise waiting at the back of the book that I loved too.

  I bought all three volumes from Basheer Graphik Books, and I've loved them ever since. Very worthwhile buy.

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