Monday 10 February 2014

"Interconnected" by Stephanie Jennifer

"Interconnected" by Stephanie Jennifer   From the Series.

  This piece, has quite a bit of symbolism to it. I happened to be taking the train home one day, and I was just watching everyone around me as they walked... And I started imagining that each of us had red strings coming from our heart, linking us to each person that we met in our lives. In this way, I thought that we were all connected in some ways or another- all connected by the red threads from our hearts. So this piece has black splatters on it, representing each human being. And the doodle "Paradox" represents the red thread that connects us to each other, and they are constantly growing and evolving...

  The yellow of the background is actually neon yellow in real life, but the camera seems to suck the life out of the colour... This is the first of an abstract series that I'm calling "My Constellation".

  My mother thinks that something is missing from it. I'm undecided on the matter, and thus I'm going to let it sit around for a while. What do you think? Is something missing from it, or is it good just the way it is?

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