Wednesday 5 February 2014

Recommended Artist: Cynthia Greig

   Apparently, what you're seeing above are real objects painted white, outlined with graphite, and then photographed. This really intrigues me. It's like, blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary art. You see these photos before you. "Photomanipulation of white fruits. Very contemporary," you think to yourself. And then you find out that the fruits are, in fact, real. That totally threw me off.

  The traditional artist's job is to paint a scene that reads as real. It's an illusion, but it's a bloody good illusion that tricks the mind's eyes. So the viewer believes in what they see. Cynthia's work, though, makes you question the reality of what you see in real life. It looks like a painting... but it isn't. So if this isn't real, what's to say that other realities are real as well...

  View more of her works here.

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