Wednesday 20 March 2013

Pencil-Pen Wrap (SOLD)

  As promised, I now have a pencil (or pen, if you like) wrap on sale now. My mum made it with love and I hope it'll find a good owner soon. It is 31cm by 24cm (12.2" by 9.5") when opened, and 31cm by 15cm (12.2" by 5.9") when the flap is closed. Fallow coloured exterior with white interior.  You can comfortably fit 20 pens or pencils in the wrap- perfect to take art materials out to draw en plein air.

SGD $12.90 
(does not include postage fees)

If you're interested in purchasing a pencil wrap like the one above, I can be contacted via


  1. As of today, 28th March 2013, the pencil wrap is still available for sale. It will still be available for purchase until you see another comment by me stating that it has been sold. If you're interested in purchasing it, do contact me. :)

  2. The item has been sold! :) If you're interested in purchasing one, you can still contact me at