Thursday, 21 March 2013

Prismacolors in Singapore: Art Mark

  Update: I currently DO NOT stand by the quality of customer service that Art Mark provides as I've received e-mails from people whom have visited the shop and have had a bad experience with them. Read my post alternative places to purchase Prismacolors here.

  So, you're looking for places in Singapore that sell Prismacolor colored pencils. The short answer is, Art Mark...

  They stock all sorts of Prismacolor sets; Verithin, Premier sets of 12, 24, 48, 72, 132, and even the latest set of 150. I even saw a set of 23 colors  Isn't that an odd number? They also stock NuPastels, colorless blenders, and open stocked Premiers, Verithin, Col-erase pencils, mixed media sets, and even Prismacolor markers. What I'm saying is that Art Mart is pretty much the go-to store for Prismacolor products.

  What really excites me, though, is that they do have a small number of US made Premier pencils in open stock. I bought a "Ginger Root" for SGD $2.80. Slightly pricey- I thought they went at a dollar plus. But worth it for the quality assurance. Not all colors are made in the US of A though. I tried to get an "Orange" from the US batch but alas, they were out. You have to look out for the USA or MEXICO stamp on each pencils. An easy way to tell which is which is by the color of the printed words on the pencils. Gold lettering are US made pencils, the silver letterings are from the Mexico batch. I also think that they have a different pricing system for the different batches.

  One of the things I do not like about their store is that prices are not stated. They have a pricing book from which they scan the prices from. So if you want to know the price of something, you'll just have to ask.


Open stock Premiers

Verithin, Col-Erase

Look out for the "USA" embossed on the end of each pencil.

Side by side comparison of "Ginger Root".
Top, Mexico made- silver lettering. Bottom, USA made- gold lettering.

  They're located at #04-35, Bras Basah Complex, Blk 231, Bain Street, Singapore 180231. Give them a ring at (65) - 6338 0820. Or visit their website;

  Please note; I am not affiliated with Art Mark in any ways, and I do not receive any commission from any sales, nor are they paying me to write about them on this blog. I just want to get this information out to the public.

  If you'd like to see a list of stores to get your art materials in Singapore, click here.

  If you have any questions, write to me at < > and I'll try my best to help you.

  I hope you found this post helpful and would love to hear from you in the comment section below. :)


  1. Hi, i just came across your website.
    I was wondering any chances that you might know where to get stonehenge paper?
    I've been to Popular and Art Friend in Bras Basha, but can't find it yet.

  2. If you can find Stonehenge paper in a regular store in Singapore, do inform me as well because I would LOVE to know where to get some. Hahaha.

    Art Mark sells Bristol board. Art Friend sells Derwent and Canson. Other than that; buy online., and Use coupons, and wait for sales. :)


  3. Hi Stephanie, I have some questions on buying things on Amazon or DickBlick.. How do you know if it's safe to buy.. I mean.. on Amazon, some are sold by other suppliers etc.. I am extremely new to buying things online.. I want to get the Prismacolor Colored Pencils and I went to check it out at Art Mark.. It is sooooo expensive; I am looking to buying them online cause it seems like it's cheaper.. Any advice please?

    1. Buying online is definitely cheaper. For Amazon, if it's sold by other suppliers, you have to see the reviews for them. Credit card companies are usually quite protective of their clients so if (touch wood) the supplier doesn't send the products, you can inform your bank of the case.

      DickBlick and Amazon and very large companies and they do try to give as good customer service as they can.

  4. And also, what kind of paper should I use for pastel and color pencil drawings?

    1. Good resources for coloured pencils:

      Different artists prefer different supports (papers). It really depends on the type of style you have, the subjects you're drawing, and the type of medium you're using. I recommend trying different papers to see which you like best.

      As for pastels; there are papers specifically marketed for pastels. You can go to Art Friend and ask a staff for assistance.

      Hope that helps~

  5. Hi, is this the only place that stocks prismacolour? The two times I've been there, the shop owners (old middle age man and woman) were really rude and snappy. Asking any questions about other art supplies just results in, "Why would I know such things? Go and find out yourself." Utterly trashy behaviour that makes me not wanna buy anything from them anymore. Do you think Art Friend stocks prismacolour as well?? Or other art stores?

    1. Oh, sweet lord, I've had a similar experience with them before. And then there's this one creepy weird male salesperson that followed me around the shop the entire time I was there and made me really uncomfortable.... *sighs*

      Art Friend does not stock Prismas, unfortunately. I have no idea why.

      Straits Art Co. does stock them though. It's a shop owned by two brothers and they really are very nice people whom are very generous with their knowledge on art products. The other staffs are quite pleasant as well. Highly recommended.
      Location: North Bridge Centre #01-27, 420 North Bridge Road, (S)188727
      Ring ring: 6338 1710

      I'd also like to give you a head's up of Prismacolor's quality drop since they started manufacturing their pencils in Mexico:

      For everything else coloured pencil related, an awesome resource is here:

      And~ If you have any other questions, my inbox is always open. :)

  6. Excuse me, is it an international art store? Can they send the material to Indonesia? Thanks before.. :)

    1. Art Mark is definitely NOT an international store. Neither do I recommend you shop there.

      You'd be better off buying from or I'm sure both sites will ship to Indonesia. :)

  7. how much are the premiere sets sold for?

    1. It really depends on how big of a set you want to get....
      You can enquire them by calling. Their contact details is listed in the "business enquiry" section of their site.

      Hope that helps. :)