Friday 11 March 2016

Step-Outs to Versus

  A while ago, I updated the little symbol that I would use to initial my tiles. I was playing around with a cursive "s". I fell in love with the nice swoop that the letter would provide, and I thought... why not repeat the shape? The "s" had a little loop at its top that I felt was not necessary in a tangle. I changed the loop to a sharp point. And that's how "Versus" was found.

  You can stack it, or have it apart... You can use it along a string as a divider... You can repeat it for it to be a filler pattern (although, it does look a little busy that way, to me... I might need to fiddle around with the tangle a bit more to feel more familiar with it).

  My favourite one is the last box- having two rows stacked on top of one another and shading the edges of the top and bottom. I'll be playing around with this pattern soon and will update this post with tiles after that.   View my other tangle: Singapore Sling

Update: I used the tangle for some tiles for Travelling Tangles swaps. (What is "Travelling Tangles"? Click here to find out.)
Black Zendala with shimmery acrylic paint over it.

And here's an ATC.

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