Monday 21 March 2016

Busy As a Bumblebee

Ahhh~ I didn't post here last week! I did post new videos over on my YouTube channel, though. (Click here to see what I've been up to over there.) I've started a new series called "Draw With Me" where I draw one or two tangles on a tile in real time so you can follow along. And then you get to complete the tile on your own. I'm already on my way to finishing editing the third video of the series. ^-^  And.... I've also posted new Zengems tutorials.

  In other news, I've completed lots of tiles, too.

Simple border Zendala.

Wavy Arukas with Luv-a as a border and Diva Dance as a background.

A tile done for Pi Day.

Here's a tile Jane Eileen and I did together for the Travelling Tangles project.
Join us over on the Travelling Tangles Facebook group.

A tile done during a class. I should've used an orange coloured pencil to shade the tile, though...

Here's Mi2 (Me Too). I seem to be addicted to drawing it.

And finally, a pretty Zendala.

  There are reviews and even more tutorials coming up. So watch this blog~   ^-^

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