Monday 14 March 2016

iLight at Marina Bay Sands

This was the sunset that happened that day.

  iLight is Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival, and has returned for its fourth edition. The exhibits all have to do with light and shadows. To promote environmental conservation, the artists have also incorporated recycled materials to their art works.

  The event happens from the 4th to the 27th of March 2016. It also spans a really large area and so I highly recommend wearing comfortable footwear when you decide to visit it. There are make-shift food stalls just outside of Marina Bay Sands so you can have dinner there first. Then head towards the bazaar area to buy hand-crafted items, and also have fun at Uncle Ringo's carnival. The actual light exhibits are scattered throughout the area. I loved one exhibit in particular, "Emograph".

  "The mysterious Emograph measures the visitor’s pulse and transforms it into a bright mosaic of colours and sound when a finger is inserted into the installation. The pulse triggers a motorised kaleidoscope into action, projecting the image onto a facade, at the same time converting the pulse into a complementary soundtrack." It's an instillation done by the “I DID IT" Society, a group of artists from Latvia. Here's my heartbeat:

  There also was a make-shift Haagen Dazs store that was the perfect place to take a little break at. Do try their limited edition flavour whilst you're there- chocolate with salted caramel. Really yummy.

  I was there for two and a half hours and didn't actually get to visit the entire event... I didn't go to Uncle Ringo's carnival, nor did I visit the exhibits at the Floating Platform.  So of course I'll visit it again this coming week. I leave you with this photo of me with angel wings... And if you visit the iLight event soon, you, too, can turn into an angel. Even if for only a few moments. ;)

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