Thursday 24 March 2016


  I found the time to get some challenges done this week!

  For some reason, I keep referring to "Akoya" as "Ayoka"........ *sighs exasperatedly* I did, however, very much enjoy drawing it.

Tile for Purely Zentangle.

  Tiles for this week's Diva Challenge: Shattuck
I'm in love with how this tile turned out.

And here's another. A collaboration between my mum, Joni Toh and I.
She did the beautiful jewel. I did the tangling.

  Here's one for Joey's Challenge. I took a whole lot of liberty with the "high five" string...
I swear I was trying to use all three of the tangles she listed; Coil, Pais, and Puf... But then I accidentally drew Yin-Cut instead of Puf.... Oops.

  Here's something that one of my students drew in her sketchbook. She was inspired by my wavy Arukas.

  Lastly, I've just found a new tangle. I've named it "Naida" and there is meaning to its name. You'll learn all about it in the post I make showing its step-outs. I found that you can do so many things with it. I'm so excited to show you.
Here's "Naida" in a tile. It's the leaf-shaped tangle.

  Thanks for reading, and may inspiration always find you. ^-^


  1. Great set of tiles!

  2. So much beautiful art to look at! I love both of the "Shattuck" tiles;-)

  3. All of these are great, especially the first of the Shattuck tiles. Very vibrant!

  4. Love your Shattuck tiles. Lovely work with your other tiles too and well done with deconstructing your own pattern,

  5. I detect a theme here...lots of radiating strings, and all ending up so that juicy gemstone, and your first tile\ much energy and motion. Love it!

  6. Beautiful Shattuck! You've really shone how versatile it is!