Tuesday 20 August 2013

Painting of the Day: "Filip Peraić- Self Portrait"

Self Portrait by Filip Peraić

  There's something about self portraits that draws me to them. Perhaps it's the fact that they're a window to the soul of the artist. A representation of how the artist sees themselves. A self portrait forces the artist to analyse themselves. And being the critical creatures that we are, self portraits are always difficult.

  Filip Peraić's Self Portrait is a gif, (the first gif on my entire blog) and I think the movement between the frames add to the piece. It's sort of a heartbeat, don't you think? Dud. Dud. ... Dud. Dud. ... Dud. Dud.     I like that.     I also like the simplicity of it. Black against white. Straight lines and curved lines. A juxtaposition of opposing things. That's how every human is. Yin and Yang- we're all a mix of both.

  [Also, I read in an art book that a left hand held up to one's chest has a symbolic meaning in portraits. A way to show that the artist believes that God is working through him to produce beautiful art works. I'm not sure whether that was the intention of the artist, but that snippet of information popped into mind straight after the heartbeat thought.]

  To view his website, click here.

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