Friday 16 August 2013

Recommended Artist: Jieun Park

  Through her works, Jieun Park attempts to express the sort of paradox that we experience when living in a city– being surrounded by so many people, yet strangely feeling alone. I love the contrast of the randomly made background when compared to the realistically drawn cityscapes. There's a sort of beauty in the paintings; like when you begin to unwrap a present and get to see only parts of what's inside the wrapper...

  You only get to see a part of the scene– that's kind of how it is when you live in a city as well. You live in the same apartment for a good decade and yet you've never seen the entire city. Lots of unseen beauties missed by you and many others– a quaint cafe five blocks away from your workplace, or a secluded part of the park, or a bookshop hidden in an odd corner down the street. We keep saying we want to explore the world, yet we never think to have an adventure right where we are. Just like how we search for happiness in others when we never care to look within ourselves for it. That's just how the eternal paradox of what being human is.

  View more of her works here.

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