Monday 12 August 2013

Recommended Artist: Steve Hanks

  Steve Hanks calls his style ‘emotional realism’. He often leaves the faces of his figures obscured or turned away, not only to leave the face to the imagination of the viewer but also to allow the entire figure to express the emotion. Backlighting is also a signature element of his style. “Sunlight has become one of my favourite subjects. I’m fascinated by how it filters through things, how it floods a whole room with colour. Often my paintings are really more about sunlight than anything else.”

  I agree that Steve Hanks depicts sunlight beautifully but I feel the paintings are slightly "over-drawn". They're still gorgeous and I really love the warmth in each piece. The quiet contemplation of his female figures are my favourites. Their face shielded from the viewer, just like how their thoughts are shielded from others.

View more of his works via this link.

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