Friday 26 January 2018

colours of the week

  Let's kick off this week's post with some tiles from Travelling Tangles Project...

  Firstly, here's a tile from Janet Shillam-Day sent to me in October 2017. She drew the tangles in white: Abundies, My Swing, and N’zeppel.

  I played around with the idea of extending N’zeppel to other areas of the tile, but ended up doing a watercolour wash of blue and then adding Fassett to the area. Shading was added using Derwent’s Coloursoft coloured pencils.

Fassett Zentangle for Travelling Tangles Project by Stephanie Jennifer

  Here’s a 3Z tile from Lin Laidler. I tried to make my Diva Dance sort of weave in and out between the other tangles.
3Z Zentangle for Travelling Tangles Project by Lin Laidler and Stephanie Jennifer 01

  And here's the after. No matter how many 3Z tiles I complete, I’m always so surprised by how small they really are. They get completed so quickly!

This was a tile from Barb Mavraganis sent to me in APRIL LAST YEAR (!) How quickly time flies. Yesterday morning, it spoke to me and I finally got around to completing it. It's the orange tile in this picture.
Zentangle for Travelling Tangles Project by Barb Mavraganis and Stephanie Jennifer 01.JPG

Watercolour Zentangle for Travelling Tangles Project by Barb Mavraganis and Stephanie Jennifer 02
I added extra colours using Derwent’s Art Bar, and Coloursoft coloured pencils. The white is from a Uni-Ball Signo Broad pen.

  Onwards, here are my tiles for this week's weekly challenges. Diva's challenge for Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day, featuring the colour purple.
Diva's Challenge #348 by Stephanie Jennifer

  And a tile for Joey's challenge, featuring String #165 and the tangle Exeter.
Joey's Challenge #200 by Stephanie Jennifer

  And a couple more tiles, just for fun. I found a new way to use Inktense blocks and Art Bars, so I'll probably be making a video tutorial soon. :)
Mooka and Naida by Stephanie Jennifer
Featuring Mooka, and my tangle, Naida.

Watercolour Paradox by Stephanie Jennifer
Paradox-y thing, with Flux.

Watercolour Diva Dance Simplified by Stephanie Jennifer.JPG
And to finish the week off, a tile featuring my simplified version of Diva Dance.

  Thanks for popping by. I'll see you next week!


  1. Wow I really like your style. I saw the orange and teal flux one on Traveling Tangles on FB, but all of these are! boldness and simplicity, with a flare. Great work!

  2. All are so lovely. Can't wait to hear/see more about the intense blocks.

  3. The way you work your colours together in the backgrounds is so lovely! And I say that from working up close on one of your tiles this week. I'd love to learn how to blend like that.

  4. Loving the colourful tiles! And your challenge this week is fantastic! xo

  5. Fun, colourful tiles! Love them all! Terrific purple on your moebius tiles

  6. So many beautiful tiles! I like them all. My favorite is the Mooka tile with its brillant colours!

  7. Beautiful work! Lovely Joey tile.