Saturday 20 January 2018

Cold Weather Tangles

  Last week, Singapore had its coldest weather in a long time. Temperatures dipped to 22°C (72°F). Usually, our days hover at a warm 27°C to 35°C (80°F to 95°F).

  Here's what I've been up to lately...

A Bijou tile from Yvette Campbell for Travelling Tangles.
I used Flux, Printemps, and Tipple. Then added shading using Derwent's Coloursoft coloured pencils.

  I also completed some tiles for last week's weekly challenges.
The Diva asked us to do a duotangle tile using Phicops and Huggins.
My tile ended up looking like a seashell washed up on the beach. So I added Peerless watercolours to further push that image.

Joey wanted us to use Ta-Da and a string.
I really liked her tile for that challenge.

  And here are my tiles for this week's challenge...
Joey asked us to use the tangle "Didada" (which was new to me) and string #237.

The Diva asked us to create a string using found objects. I kept it simple and just used a scissors. You can see the initial string in pencil on the left of the picture.

  And here's one last tile for Travelling Tangles. A beautiful tile was sent from Raye Burnett (she drew the gem) to Debra Huff (she added the bezel. The tile was the sent to me. I added the blue background and echoed Deb’s lovely striping.

  And that's it for this week. Thanks for popping by. :)


  1. Thank´s for sharing all these beautiful work! Love your string with found objects!

  2. This is a wonderful collection of challenges, sketches and travelling tiles!