Wednesday 1 November 2017


  Here are my tiles for this week's challenges... The top tile is for Diva's Challenge: Halloween. I don't think I've quite gotten the hang of drawing Gourdeous....

  The bottom tile is for Joey's Challenge: Cylinder String, featuring Diva Dance. I used all the versions of Diva Dance, including my version of Rock and Roll. It's a simplified version of the tangle, and you can find step-outs to it via this link.

A Zendala inspired by Margreet Krijgsman.

Here's a tile I did in my sketchbook for #InktoberTangles
It's Oof with auras. I really like this version of the tangle.

  And here's another page in my sketchbook:
 The top tile was done just for fun. The bottom tile featured Q-belle for #InktoberTangles.
  I hope you had fun with InktoberTangles. If you did, there are other challenges going around for November, namely #Giveatangle2017 and #Gratitangles. I hope you'll continue your habit of drawing once a day. And to everyone that took part in InktoberTangles, thank you for playing along. I hope you'll join the challenge again next year. :)


  1. I do enjoy looking at your work. Your linework is so clear and well executed. You mix and match the patterns well and your tiles are a great source of ideas for me.

  2. So many beautiful tangles you are showing here, it‘s hard to pick a favourite. And your gordgeous forms a perfect plump little pumpkin! Heike

  3. Halloween seems to have brought out the Gourdgeous in almost everyone. Your pumpkin is true to the theme of this week's Diva challenge. Your Zendala is beautifully executed/. My favorite of everything is the tile you did "just for fun". Elegant.

  4. Gorgeous work Stephanie! I always love looking at your sketchbook stuff;-)

  5. You were very busy, I like them all.

  6. Your work is beautiful Stephanie! Also, thank you for the fun #Inktober Tangles! Looking forward to it next year!

  7. I always had trouble with Gourdgeous, too, until someone said it's just Diva Dance that starts each "beat" at the stem of the gourd. Thanks for the Inktober Tangles prompts. I know we all had so much fun and look forward to next year!

  8. Wow beautiful work this week!