Wednesday 25 October 2017

not everything is black and white

  Last week was crazy busy for me. But I've finally found the time to slow down and get some ink on paper. :)

  Are you still keeping up with Inktober? I've been diligent in creating something for all the prompts but I've not been posting anything on my social medias.. which is a little odd. But I guess you do what works for you, yea?

  Here are my tiles for this week's Zentangle challenges:

For "It's a String Thing" #216
The colours in Abeko were done in Coloursoft coloured pencils. The background was done with Peerless watercolours. White auras were added using a Uni-ball Signo Broad pen.

Joey's 3D triangle... The string has gotten lost in the background. But basically, one side of WUD followed the edge of the string, and Frunky was used within the triangle itself.

  I happened to choose to draw my tile for Joey's challenge on black before I got to know that Laura wanted us to do something on black paper this week. So here's another black tile for her challenge:
And if you notice, I've changed my chop. It's on the lower right on this tile and is a stylised version of my Chinese family surname. I'm excited to use it in my future tiles.

   I think chops can be extremely personal. In Chinese calligraphy, your chop is hand-carved and your skills as an artist will not only be judged based on how your calligraphy looks like, but also where you place your chop and how it looks. A Chinese painting missing the artist's chop can be worth very little. Imagine that- just because of a tiny signature...

  I also feel that in my personal artistic journey, I've felt a need to change my chop/signature every time I felt a new chapter of my life starting... Have you changed your signature before? Or do you still use the very first signature you had?

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