Friday 13 October 2017

to the click of my heart

  Here's my tile for the fourth day of #InktoberTangles. Featuring Diva Dance Waltz and Aquafleur. I saw a tile done by a CZT where she drew Aquafleur in this way and I knew I absolutely had to draw it this way, too. I used Tombow markers for the colours.

  And here's my tile for this week of Joey's challenge, featuring Poke Leaf:

  The lower left corner of the tile was actually an oopsie... I tried something that didn't work out so I just drew over the entire area with black ink and added Printemps in silver Uni-ball pen.

  And here's the nine tiles that I've drew for her challenges over the past nine weeks:

  I'm completely thrilled with how it turned out! I tried to have each tile have its own personality but work together as a whole drawing, too.

  And here's my tile for Diva's challenge, featuring Striping. The little secret is that this was done in a page in my sketchbook. And what happened was that I messed up.... I was drawing a beautiful Waybop and having a good time, and then I made a bad decision that I really REALLY didn't like. So I just... I just decided to glue a white tile over the oops. haha

  But it fixed it, though. I absolutely love the colours that I picked. It's just two Tombow markers 725 bright pink and 676 purple. If you live in Singapore and you'd like to purchase Tombow markers (singles or in sets) visit this link. They're having a promotion right now all the way till' the end of this year!

  If you were wondering the process of how I created this drawing... I drew a string in pencil, then added the stripes in pencil too. Then I added the colours... Let them dry. Erased the pencil lines, and then outlined the outside of the tile and the loops that were sticking out of the tile with a black 0.8 Micron pen.

  Lastly, I wanted to tell you a little story... 

  Tuesday earlier this week was a tough day for me... It didn't go so great. And I was set to have a class that night. I'm a strong believer of leaving your baggage at the door of the classroom. People pay me good money to learn the Zentangle method from me, to learn new creative skills from me, and to have a good time in my classes. So when I step into a classroom, I make sure I'm 100% present in the moment. So all that hubbub that happened earlier that day... that all melted away when I stepped into the classroom.

  And I was genuinely happy to see my students. I am so blessed to have wonderful students who bring such great energy, creativity, and joy to every class. Then one of my students, her name is Diana, took out a small click eraser. "It's a gift for you," she said. And a huge smile spread across my face.

  See, last week, I saw that another student had a similar eraser in her pencil case. I loved it. I'm overly excitable and get happy over small things. I mentioned that I had only seen large click erasers- never small skinny ones. And I gushed over how cute the small click eraser was.

  So Diana had heard the conversation and gone out to get me a small click eraser. It was wonderful. I'm still smiling now as I recount the story to you. :) That small gift brightened up my crappy day so much. I love teaching tangling to others, and it's small moments like these that I hold close to my heart.


  1. wow, the nine tiles are great. wonderful.
    and the stripping so sweet in pink and purple.

  2. Just look at this striping tile! I love how it overflows its boundaries! Well done

  3. All of your work is so lovely! I absolutely love how your mosaic turned out. That was the effect I was going for as well, each tile individual, tied together with a string. The Striping piece is so striking;-)
    I love your story about how your class brightened your bad day.

  4. Beautiful work! The 9 tiles look great together :-)

  5. What a nice story. Thanks for sharing it. It improved my day. Joy spreads. Nice tiles all. Your mosaic is wonderful. I haven't been doing Joey's challenges. Maybe it's time to start---you know, in my free time. ;-)

  6. Your mosiac works so well and I really like your interpretation of Striping Challenge, the pink looks so good.

  7. Your mosaic is amazing! Also the striping with pink! Love your zendala!

  8. All so beautiful and the striping is stunning. You are right, happiness is in small things!!!