Friday 23 June 2017

heARTland project

  We had our last workshop for Bukit Batok East Community Centre. The idea is that over three workshops, residents from Bukit Batok East would come together to create a large 4m by 1m (13 feet by 3 feet) community art work to be displayed at an art fiesta happening in July. The event is called "heARTland" (how cute) and will be held near Toh Guan Park RC. 

  Here's the last workshop: 
I'm really tall cause' I'm standing on a chair.

If you'd like to see close-ups of each of the canvases, you can do so on Everything Is Art's Facebook page right here.

  In other news; I'm part of an eight teacher team that will be teaching an online journal course. In my video, I will teaching you how to merge tangles together. Here's the final outcome that you'll get.

  There's an early bird special if you sign up before 1st of July 2017. If this sounds like something that you'll be interested in, click on this link to find out more:

  On to weekly challenges... Joey's tangle for this week was "Yuma", so here's my tile for it.

  So I decided to use the same tangle to complete Diva's challenge: drawing with your opposite hand. I wasn't really nervous... Didn't really have any expectations on how things would turn out... I have never drawn with my non-dominant hand, though, so this was new. I just went with the flow. I did this tile first before the one for Joey's challenge. Doing this made me understand what some people whom I teach Zentangle workshops to mean when they say "my hand isn't listening to my brain". I don't feel terrible about the outcome. It was a good experience. I think when you let go of any expectations of what your drawing should look like, you'll have fun no matter what. :)

Finally, here's a personal project that I just completed. I made all the tiles entirely using Tombow markers (from the backgrounds, to the tangles, to the shading). If you're located in Singapore, you can buy Tombow markers from here.

  Thanks for dropping by. I hope I inspired you somehow. ^-^


  1. The comparison between your two yuma tiles is fascinating, Stephanie. Brilliant idea.

  2. Interesting to see the same tangle completed with different hands. I wonder sometimes why we have one hand that works so much better than the other. That's really fun the way those tiles join, and I love the colorful tiles you shared!

  3. Lovely work that you had your group do kudos!

  4. Wow! Those canvases are amazing. Great work all around 😉