Thursday 29 June 2017

where flowers bloom, so does hope

  I've been really crazy about my Tombow markers lately.   If you live in Singapore, I supply Tombow markers! Find out more via this link:

  Here's an ATC tile I did for the Travelling Tangles Project with Michele Wynne.
String Rose with Flux around it, Yin-Cut in the background, and some Diva Dance Rock and Roll Simplified.

  And another ATC! This one was just done for fun. I tried to copy the colour scheme that Michele uses. Featuring "My Swing".

  And here's my entry for this week's Diva and Joey challenge. Featuring "Aquafleur" and "Zonked". Here's the initial background that I did with Tombow markers:

  And here's the finished tile with shading (still done with the Tombow markers) and highlight (done with a Uni-ball Signo Broad pen).

  If you haven't heard yet, I'm part of an eight teacher team of artists that will be teaching an online course titled "The Black & White Journal: A Minimal Approach to Artful Journaling". There will be some live lessons (with replays of those lessons), and some pre-recorded lessons. All the teachers will be a part of a Facebook group that will be created specifically for this course. In the Facebook group, you will be able to connect with other students, ask questions, and get feedback on the things you draw and create. :) It'd be so much fun, I'm sure you'll learn something new.

  It's also your last chance to get an early-bird special. It ends on the last day of this month. Find out more about the other teachers that will be teaching the course via this link: (And sign up if you'd like to be a part of it!)

  In my part of the course, I will be teaching you how to merge tangles in your sketchbook to create more complex and interesting pages. Here's the final product that you'll get from my class:

  Tangling AND shading will be taught. Other things that the other teachers will be teaching in the course include learning how to make your own journal, gesture sketching, stamp making, and other tangling fun. I hope you'll join us.​

  And until next time, keep tangling~


  1. Wow! Your Aquafleur REALLY pops! 💥

  2. I love that colored tile and Aquafleur on it.

  3. Your Aquafleur looks glorious on that colored tile!

  4. That colored tile is great. Your Aquafleur looks so shiny on it. Good luck on your class.

  5. Now that we are on summer break I can jump into a few new projects. Your Tombow effects are very cool, might need to pick up a few more pens and give it a try!

  6. I am recently trying COPIC markers, had to buy special paper for them :-/