Monday 7 September 2015

Some Art; Some Selfies

  It has been really hazy for the last few days in Singapore... It's made my sinus really bad, and I've been having rashes too..... :(   Hopefully, it'd get better soon.

  However, I've been doing quite a number of Zentangle tiles, and here are just some of them.
Zendala with soap stone background. I then used a black pen to add the flourishes after.

I'm actually really proud of this tile. It's an Apprentice tile (larger than a regular Zentangle tile) and I actually prefer the smoothness of this paper.
Also, the glitter pen used on this tile is not the regular Sakura glitter pen I usually use. I'll be posting about it some time this week, so look out for that. :)

Monotangle of "Onion Drops".
Does it look like onions, strands of hair, or yarn?

   And here are some selfies:
Pretty blue hat.

I went to Art Friend yesterday.
  Oh and remember the postcards with the coloured backgrounds that I prepared? Yeah... I spoiled them, of sorts. :/  I don't know if I'll ever find a way to fix them, or if eventually I'll change my mind and think that they don't look all too bad. But I am working on making new coloured backgrounds.

  Also, I bought paper for the coloured version of the 30 Zentangle-tile challenge. I'm very excited to start that project. I also bought some paper cards to do mini Zentangle projects, and I'm sure that'd be fun too.

  And that's about it for now. Till' next time~

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