Friday 25 September 2015

All that glitters is not gold...

  All that glitters is not gold... It's actually acrylic paint. hahaha

  This was a late night project that my mum, Joni Toh, did.

  She bought a wooden box and then painted it warm golden with acrylic paint. I didn't get a photo of how the box looked before being painted, but...
... this was what it looked like after.

  And then she drew lots of pretty Zentangle® patterns all over it.
Featuring Munchin, Tripoli, and Printemps...

... And Diva Dance on this side.

  I think her lines are getting a lot cleaner. And she has started to learn more patterns. I've been trying to push her to do more projects, so I'm glad she did this one. ^-^

  Leave some nice comments below to encourage her!

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