Monday 20 July 2015

Stephanie's Sketches v.10

  I know I've not been very active online, but I am trying...

  Here's a bunch of things from my sketchbook to make up for the lack of posting:

Colourful page using Winsor & Newton's watercolours.
This will probably be a WIP that I will never finish, cause I quite like it as it is.

I laid down the black ink first, and then added white lines using Uni-ball Signo Broad.

WIP. I love how the black background makes it pop.

This was done as an exploration of lines. I loved it so much that I included very similar piece in my exhibition. 

Here's another.

People say "I can't do ______"...
Can't. Can't. Can.
You CAN do it.

Bright and cheery Zentangle© tile.
Pattern used: "Nzeppel" 

And lastly, a girl with antlers.
I might do more silhouette portraits with Zentangle patterns in them in the future.

  And... That's about it for now. I'm busy with getting ready for my exhibition but will try my best to post on this blog, and I will definitely still keep up with replying comments and emails. If you live in Singapore or will be visiting in August, do drop by my exhibition. Details can be found via this link.

  Also, I just checked my calendar, and we are scheduled for a giveaway very very soon. So do stay tuned for that. ^-^


  1. I love the exploration of lines pieces. They are amazing. I will definitely come to your exhibition since I live in Singapore. I think the link you've posted is broken, it displays error page for me, but when I click on Exhibitions I can see the event. Maybe it's just my computer.

    1. I updated my website yesterday and so the link changed and became broken. Thank you so much for pointing the error out.

      And thank you for making plans on visiting my exhibition. I really appreciate the support. ^-^