Thursday 23 July 2015

First Speed Drawing Video

  I'm no stranger to speed videos... But mostly it was just me speeding up videos of me flipping through art books to show you guys. This time, though, I did a speed drawing video.

  The set up was a little awkward... Also, I used a lap desk-thingy, and that made the video a little shaky in certain parts of the video. But I really do like how the video turned out. ^-^  Maybe, into the future, I'll do more complex works, or add my voice, or do videos of me talking to the camera about various topics. We'll see where it goes. For now, though, enjoy my efforts.

  Anddd~ I updated my website a while ago. If you're interested to see it, you can click on this link. Also, my order from Visualtroop arrived yesterday, so expect a review about them soon. Plus, giveaway time draws near. *smileyface*  Have a great week ahead~

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