Thursday 30 April 2015

Tulipmania 2015 at Gardens by the Bay

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  Recently, I went to Gardens by The Bay to see Tulipmania. The last time I visited the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest was when it had just opened. I enjoyed my time there and really looked forward to visiting it once more.

  This visit didn't disappoint either.  :)  I took lots of pretty pictures of the flowers, trees, and shrubs there. I went on a Sunday afternoon. The weather looked a little gloomy, but it was still fine because I stayed in the air-conditioned domes and the sun soon came out again after a while.

  Here are some of the pictures I took...
They had flowers in the Cloud Forest too!

This is Cloud Forest.
The exhibits are all inside the structure.

Then we moved on to the Flower Dome.
There are permanent exhibits of flowers here, and pictured above and below are some of the flowers you'd see in the Flower Dome.

Real pretty, aren't they?
  And then we saw the tulips! I'll be really honest, though... Tulips are nowhere close to my favourite flowers...
And these were the only types I felt were photogenic enough to warrant me taking a picture.
Apparently, though, the streaks in tulips are caused by a virus. Although these days, tulips with this "broken" effect are a result of breeding and not a viral infection.
I thought that was really interesting to know.

   The theme for this year's Tulipmania is "Fairytales", so each tulip had an attached fairytale– Little Red Riding Hood, the Snow Queen, Rapunzel.... My favourite was the carriage for Cinderella. They even had a shoe on a cushion for it.

Here's a view of the ferris wheel from inside the Flower Dome.

Also, if you do visit the Flower Dome, make sure to look out for a dragon made of wood. 

By the time I left Gardens by the Bay, the sun was setting...
  Visiting Gardens by the Bay is a great idea for a relaxing day out and I greatly enjoyed just walking around the domes and enjoying the exhibits and flowers. Bring along good company and you'd have a great time here. :) If you're interested in seeing the tulips, Tulipmania 2015 will last till' 10th May 2015. Otherwise, the other flowers and the Cloud Forest will always be there. The domes are open from 9 am to 9 pm daily. Admission charges apply.

  Find out more about Tulipmania 2015 via this link.

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