Friday 10 April 2015

Recommended Artist: Aleks Klepnev

One of the two drawings in the series titled, "Last Attempt".

Pictured above and below are drawings from a series titled "Education".
I really like the symbolism behind these drawings. How children are represented by baby birds and a young bonsai plant... I'm sure you're able to form the other half of what he's trying to say.

  Aleks Klepnev does watercolour works as well, but I feel his pen and ink works hold the most charm. He uses a little digital manipulation to complete his works (to add colour to the background and also to add texture), and I think it adds more interest to the pieces. The subjects he chooses to depict are really interesting.

  If you'd like to view more of his works, you can do so via his Behance.

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