Monday 27 April 2015

Book Review: One Red Dot

  "One Red Dot" is the first of many pop-up books that David A. Carter has created.

  I'm an English tuition teacher to children ranging from 3-16 years old, and the kids that I've shown this book to have absolutely loved it. My current copy is beginning to show signs of distress (not tearing of parts, just general wear-and-tear.. The kids are gentle with the book and I do keep an eye on them when they're reading it), but to me, it just shows how engaging the book is to the kids. They love finding the red dots within the book, and seeing how the pop-ups are tucked in when they close each page.

  Here's a video of me flipping through the book:

  To see me flipping through "Blue 2", click this link.

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