Thursday 9 October 2014

Book Review: The Mandala Book

"The Mandala Book: Patterns of the Universe" by Lori Bailey Cunningham

  This book has received quite raving reviews on, and for good reasons.

  Initially, I just thought it'd be a book with pretty pictures. Yes; it does have gorgeously breathtaking pictures, but this book is much more than just a coffeetable book. It goes through the many ideals and philosophies behind the mandala as an art form. It covers the religions that have used mandalas; how the mandala is a symbolic representation of you, others, and the Universe; the shapes that are used in mandalas and what they represent.

  The book goes through chapters; from an introduction to mandalas, to understanding the concept of mandalas; to teaching readers about the symbolism surrounding different shapes- from different types of circles, to the dyad, to the triangle, and square, and pentagon, and hexagon... It then wraps up with patterns that can be found in nature. Finally, there's an afterword, and the book ends with drawings of examples of mandala patterns. 

  I'm also really glad that it is a hard-cover book because I know I'll be referencing to this book many more times in the future. With a whole 297 pages of knowledge and pictures, I'm sure you'll find value within this book. This is a wonderful book to buy if you'd like to learn more about mandalas; if you're a zentangle artist that is looking for inspiration; if you're a spiritual artist or someone who uses a lot of symbolism within your work; and even if you're not an artist, the images and ideas within this book are worth a buy.

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