Monday 20 October 2014


  I was trying out a new idea using Derwent's Inktense... Anddddd~ The idea didn't quite work out.

  When laid dry, Derwent's Inktense are nicely pigmented. When you add water, though, magic happens. The colours turn into really bright, highly saturated pigment ink.

  What inspired me for this project was a microscopic view of the drug, Ecstasy. The picture was from a series of pictures that showed a microscopic view of different drugs.

  I flipped the orientation of the blob, and also rethought the colour scheme.

   And after adding colours... Viola.

  I had wanted to keep adding those thin lines within the blob, but now I'm not sure whether I like this piece much or not... I may or may not revisit this piece in the future, but for now I'll be filling it away. There's simply too many other ideas in my head for me to stay with an idea I'm not sure of right now.

  I really like the Inktense pencils, though, and I'll probably be experimenting with them again in the future. ^-^

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