Monday 13 October 2014

Comparisson: Sharpie Permanent Marker and Sharpie Pen

  Everyone should be familiar with how the Sharpie Permanent Marker looks like, right? Well, who knew Sharpie also made a Sharpie Pen....

   Click pen; rubber grip; metal clip with the word "Sharpie" engraved on it; straight silhouette. This one has the word "MED" printed on it; to what I assume means medium sized nib.

It's a 0.5 with a rounded nib. It's one of those kinds of pens that if you were to hold the nib against a paper, the ink would start feathering outwards.  Anddd~ It's pretty lightweight.

Ink test:
  The Sharpie Marker I tested was an ultra fine point one, and its nib did look smaller than the Sharpie Pen. Oddly, though, in the ink test, the Marker's ink did feather quite a bit more than the Pen.

  Compared to the Sharpie Permanent Marker, the Sharpie pen's ink is more of a grey than a true black. To my eyes, though, even the Sharpie Marker isn't a true black- it has an ever-so-slight purpleish hue to it.

  As you should be aware if you've ever worked with Sharpie markers, they're permanent markers so they naturally have a very sharp odour to them (maybe that's why they're called "Sharpie"..?) With the Sharpie Pen, though, there wasn't any odours. Also, with the Sharpie Marker, there was bleed-through. With the Sharpie Pen, there wasn't any bleed-through.

  I would say the Marker is great for craft projects (*whispers* I use them to draw designs on my nail polish when I want to add some personality to my nails.) And the Pen is good if you like a pen that is lightweight but feels good in your hand and is not like those cheap-y ones that feel like they'll fall apart after three clicks.

  I bought both products at Bras Basah's Art Friend. They carry a good range of Sharpie products. The Markers retail betwen $3-$4, while the Pen cost me about $8. While you're at it, try their new metallic markers- they work really great for when you're scrapbooking and want to write a message on a dark paper.

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