Monday 28 July 2014

Photos on my Website Have Been Updated!

  I finally got around to taking clean pictures of all my recent art works. And they've been updated to my Facebook and website. But just for ease, you can click on the "Read More" link to see all of them at one go. Please do note that it's picture heavy, even though I've resized all pictures to be of low resolution for easy page loading, and might cause those of you on slower internet speeds some trouble.

  In any case, you can see most of my art works via the following places:
Facebook page:


Follow me on Instagram:

   Pictures to follow!
Abstract Pen and Ink


Study of a Cat Skull in Pencils

Chinese Peacock Duo

Desu Octopus



Group of Cranes 

Hills and Valleys

Hummingbird in Watercolours

Owl_Black and White

Portrait 006

Portrait 007

Portrait 008

Portrait 009

Portrait 010_Felicia

Portrait 011_Rin

Tattoo 002. Done in pen and ink.

Tattoo 003. Done in pen and ink.

Thai Elephant

Yin Yang Fish

Zentangle Crane

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