Tuesday 10 December 2013

Stephanie's Sketches: v.4 (... and a review of Zequenz Signature sketchbook)

  Hello, dear followers. The weather has been terribly rainy these few days, so I apologise for the terrible lighting in these photos... Here's what I've been up to lately though, and a review of the Zequenz Signature sketchbook.

  I finished the "Je Taime" ('I love you' in French) a while ago;

Another typography work;

I did some pointillism work. Poppies. :)

  A creepy cat... (above)

  And, I've bought a Zequenz Signature sketchbook from Popular. It boasted that *picks up spectacles to read pamphlet* "hand-made collection... distinctive design... unconventional curved binding... and full 360 flexibility".

  The faux leather feels good to hold. I like the magnetic bookmark provided with the Zequenz sketchbook. It opens up beautifully and I'm in love with the curved binding. However, my only gripe is that the paper within the sketchbook is too thin.... :( Which is a shame because if the company provided more weightier papers, the Zequenz could completely become The Sketchbook. Some sketches I've made so far in the Zequenz:
  The paper is snow white in colour, just that my camera picks it up as beige-y. 
  There was some bleed-through in places where I wanted some pure black... Little specks of black on the next page is slightly annoying, but the sketchbook is light-weight and portable. The paper within the Zequenz is, I would guess, 80gsm. Thus, I would recommend it for people who like taking notes on-the-go, but not artists who want to do more intricate works. I tote it around because I absolutely love the 360 flexibility of the book.

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