Tuesday 3 December 2013

Art is Subjective- Musings of Stephanie Jennifer

  "Art is subjective- there is no standard to Art. It's unlike Science and Maths."

  I think it's fairly arguable whether Art is subjective. Humans do have an in-born sense of what is beautiful. Symmetry is said to play an important role in whether we perceive another human being to be beautiful. We know how to pick clothes, furniture, and products that appeal to us. As children, we could produce pleasing abstract pictures using paints...

  Art has rules. Composition, colours, design, placement, balance... Just like Science and Maths has. Sometimes, someone comes along and breaks those rules. Sometimes the art piece still looks good. Other times, it's disastrous. The same goes for Science and Maths- people change the rules and laws of it to improve or enhance what there previously was.

  Or perception of beauty varies, and I would agree that Art is subjective in a way that an individual's past experiences influence the way they perceive an art work. It, however, does not mean that there is no standards to Art. It's just that each person is unique and that each person will have their own idea of what good art is.

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