Friday 15 November 2013

Recommended Artist: Jeremy Geddes

  The falling astronauts with pigeons paintings in his series aren't really my cup of tea. Neither are the floating human figures. I can appreciate the realism that they are drawn in, and I would think there is symbolism in them, but they don't speak to me. I like the dead pigeons, and the post-apocalyptical scenes though.

  Perhaps it's my obsession with the idea of death- the beautiful yet scary and partly tragic idea that all things eventually cease to exist, and that eventually everything will be forgotten... The starkness of the last image above also adds to the idea that death must be experienced alone. I once read in a religious book about Islamism, that everyone will suffer when they die, that we all pay for the misdeeds that we have made in our life, that we have to go through that pain to reconcile with ourselves and make peace with God before we can move on to a better place with Him.

  That, even with wings, even birds can't fly far or fast enough to escape death...

  You should see more of Jeremy Geddes' awesome works though. Visit his website here.

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