Friday 1 November 2013

Art Product Reviews .1

  I went shopping for artsy things not so long ago, and thought of telling you guys all about my buys.

Portable easel from Art Friend (-Buona Vista branch)

  I'm absolutely in love with this easel. The wood is perfect, although there was a slight chemical smell to it when I first bought it, but it went away after a few days. It's fully adjustable, has little clasps to lock the drawer and the stand in place. Its design is also splendid. It is, however, a little heavy and I might not see myself carrying it out. It serves its purpose of providing me with a proper drawing space on my desk though, and the drawer is very useful in helping me keep my pencils while I'm working on a certain project.  I have an Art Friend membership and it cost me about $76, if I remember correctly.

Sketchbook from Daiso

  What drew me to this sketchbook was that it had the little guides, which is awesome cause I'm currently learning to design logos and the guides are very useful in helping me keep the proportions correct. The paper is a little thin for my liking and you can see the ink on the reverse side of the page when you use markers, but it doesn't bleed through that much. At 2 dollars for each, I'd recommend it if you're a designer that like to do lots of rough sketches, or if you'd like a sketchbook with guides that you can bring on the go.

  To see where DAISO stores are located in Singapore, click HERE.

Krylon Archival fixative spray (Matte)

  This is NOT reworkable. As always, when using any sort of spray fixative, you have to use it in ventilated areas. It dulled the colours ever so slightly when I used it on a coloured pencil work of mine. It was fast drying and non-sticky, and dried evenly.

  If there's any art material you'd like me to review next time, tell me about it in the comment section below. Or send me an ask to my e-mail; you know how to contact me.

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