Monday 24 June 2013

Painting of Day: "Mutiny"

  "Mutiny" by Samantha Keely Smith

  Samantha Smith's style has evolved over the years– from a more abstract style to a more impressionistic landscape style. I prefer her current style. The brilliant use of colours to represent a scene. It's again a matter of how much details one can remove while still having the painting "read correctly".

  It's an exaggerated depiction of the sea. The line between the sky and the sea is blurred. The wave seemingly swallowing up everything. The beautiful play of light on the crest of the wave; a beautiful rendition of a warm yellow against the deep, dark blues. You can just barely see the horizon in the distance, which gives the painting a sense on depth. As for meaning behind the piece, I think the hint lies in the title the artist has given it.

 An open rebellion against authority; especially by soldiers or sailors against the officers.

  Perhaps, then, the piece is an interpretation of that word. How rebellion against authority is similar to a raging storm. Or perhaps, it's an analogy as to how difficult it is to go against traditions and people who have a higher influence than you do. Either ways, it's a breathtaking piece with a beautiful title attached to it.

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