Sunday 23 June 2013

Update: "Hazel Bird"

  An update on my latest work titled "Hazel Bird". I think it's my best work so far. This piece was *coughs* complicated. I started it last year and was inspired by my dad's works. [See his works at ]

  I later abandoned this project because I felt I wasn't skilled enough to move forward with it. But this year, I felt it was time that I finished it, but I have been procrastinating... However, I have lots of new project ideas in my head, and I've promised myself that I have to finish this project first before moving on with other projects. There's just the bird's plumage that needs some tweaking and the branches have to be finished, so I hope to finish it by this month. (Wish me luck.)

  I'll be posting a new "Painting of the Day" segment tomorrow so stay tuned for that. And leave me a comment in the comment section below telling me what you think of my work. :)

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