Thursday 16 May 2024

Floral Feist

Everything has its season — that's what I've been told. 

Sometimes, you might wish with all of your heart for something to happen, but you might not be ready for it, or there might be something even better waiting for you in the future. Have you experienced that in your life?

When I think of Feist, I think of softness, or a flower blooming - reaching out towards the sunlight. It represents slow growth - one that is done at your own pace and is sustainable in the long-term. It begins with a sparkle, and then it blossoms.

I hope you'll like using this sweet tangle in your own work, as much as I've enjoyed using it in mine, recently.

Here are the step-outs to my newest tangle, "Feist":

"Beautiful one, you hold my heart.
This heart that sometimes blindly seeks suffering -
But I don't fault my stupid heart,
Because I know that suffering sometimes
can feel religious if you do it right."

This was a tile tinted using gorgeous hand-make watercolours from Wild Dot SG ( ). Their paints are made from pigments sourced in Singapore! Who knew soil could be so colourful. ✨

Check out some of my other tangles via this link.

And if you use Feist in your works, tag me on Instagram ( @havepen_willdraw ). I'd love to see what you create.

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