Tuesday 16 July 2019

Charlotte turns one!

  Little Charlotte recently turned one!

  She now knows how to shake her head "no"... Although she does it sometimes even though she doesn't mean it. (Like that one time when my mum asked if the food was nice, and Charlotte shook her head no but still continued happily eating.)

  She's still very smile-y, and now consistently knows how to high-5.

  She has really cute expressions and is really funny.

  She now enjoys watching what other children do. She also loves birds. We intend on bringing her to a bird park soon.

  She's learning to grasp pens and pencils... and makeup brushes...

  She's a charmer and will wave at random strangers to make friends with them.

  She's an adventurous eater. In this photo, she has a milk biscuit in her mouth. Although the expression she's making makes it seem like she's very pleased with herself for no reason at all.

  She can sit on the swings and see-saw by herself now!

  Her favourite words are "wow" and "ba-doo". She dislikes hugs and kisses, but will tolerate them just because she loves you. hahaha. And she got nice, new, little shoes because she's now learning to walk. She's still very cautious and won't walk unless she's holding someone's hand...

  Our little bitty bub is growing fast.

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