Monday 17 June 2019


  We've done up the signs on the front of our studio's doors!

  Debbie's friend, Ruth, sent some flowers as congratulations. So sweet of her. :>

  Two weeks ago, we used Flux as the Tea & Tangle: Tangle of the Day. Here's my tile. I'm developing a class based on it.

  Then, the following week, Debbie released her new tangle "InaFlux" during Tea & Tangle. Although, at that point in time, it didn't have a name and I referred to it as "the Flux flower thingie". hahaha

  If you'd like to learn how to draw the tangle, you can find it towards the end of this post.

  My favourite way of using InaFlux is by having single stalks bloom into a bouquet of Inafluxes. I drew it on this Travelling Tangles Project tile.

  This tile was from  Lynda Scott Abbot. The background colour is a paprika tint, which is so clever and fun. I wanted to let the colours show through. I added InaFlux, and completed the border. Then added some background shading with a brown watercolour. Shading for InaFlux was done using coloured pencil. White highlights were added using Uni-ball’s Signo Broad pen.

  I just received this photo from a workshop I taught in June at Fuji Xerox Towers. I'm not too difficult to spot- front row, wearing a flower crown, and wearing an apron.

  I think it's with these group pictures where I really take a moment to think about the amount of students that I've taught... It's been three good years, and counting. Of me sharing the Zentangle method with others. Of me teaching classes and workshops. The many little connections I made along the way... Hopefully planting the seeds of inspiration and creativity, and the idea that "you can do whatever you set your heart to".

  From large workshops like the one you see above...

  ... to smaller ones, where it's more cozy like the one below.

  I'm always so grateful to be given the opportunity to share my passion for Zentangle art with others.

  Here's one more photo, this time from a private class that I taught in a student's home. She and her friends get together about once every two/three months for a dinner-Zentangle session. It lots of fun and we even have dessert after class.

  Another student that I teach at Toa Payoh Central Community Club sent me this photo of something she created in her sketchbook. She has been taking my weekly classes for almost a whole year now, and it shows. I'm so SO proud of her.

  Lastly, a little something fun to end this post....

  Here's a tile I created in my square sketchbook for 7F5R's bi-monthly challenge on Facebook. This was for June's Week 1 and 2, where we had to use a diamond string. I really liked this tile. Might use it for a class...

  And that's all I have for you. I'll see you again real soon. Until then, keep tangling!

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