Wednesday 6 March 2019

Roadshow at Hillion Mall with Debbie New

  It's been a hot minute since I made a blog post... But so much has happened, and I have plenty to tell you.

  On the 10th of February, I taught a closed-door class to a number of Singapore Certified Zentangle Teachers. The topic of choice was Embedded Letters. We used the Centre of Joy as our classroom venue.

  We started off with a warm up on Bijou tiles....

  And then went on to do a larger piece as a greeting card.

  Thank you to Debbie New for organising the event. It couldn't have been a possibility without you.

  The day after the Certified Zentangle Teachers class, Debbie and I set up a booth at Hillion Mall. Our goal was to raise awareness for our Zentangle classes, and also to sell some trinkets.

  We also used some of our spare time to create some tiles related to the Embedded Letters technique... Such as this beauty:

  And this one....

  Or this one...

  All in all, we were there for a total of eleven days, and by the end, I was pooped. Still smiling, though.

  Debbie also got me thinking about using Chinese words within Embedded Letters. Here are two ATCs with that idea.

  With this piece, I got someone got interested in asking me to do a commission.

  She wanted the word "happy" written in Traditional Chinese, on a red background with some gold accents to it... This is what I came up with:

  And with that, I am finished with this post. I wish you much happiness as we roll into March. Charlotte has just turned eight months old and I've created a blog post with a bunch of her pictures. hehehe

  Until next time, keep tangling!

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