Thursday 7 March 2019

Charlotte Just Turned Eight Months Old!

  When they say it all goes by so quickly, they really mean it.

  Charlotte has really stretched the limits of my patience. She has also filled my days with more joy than I could ever hope for. Here are some of my favourite pictures of her from the past few months...

  In this photo, the hairband she is wearing was made from the bow tie that my husband wore on his wedding day. Very cute and meaningful. Unfortunately, the little bub doesn't like things around her head, so she wasn't too fond of this headband.

  Here she is at six months old!

  Her she is with her grandmother...

  And this was on Chinese New Year about a month ago. I like how the rolls on her arms don't really match up symmetrically. hahaha

  Coconut tree!

  Her father took this photo.

  After my days at the Hillion Mall roadshow, I took Charlotte out for lunch. Just her and me. This was her first time in a high chair at a restaurant. (Previously, she couldn't sit for very long...) She looks like she's going to hop out of the chair and run away!

  And here she is just last week, we were out with my husband and my mother-in-law...

  Then we met Debbie New and her husband, and had a very unconventional meeting at an outdoor playground.

  Pouty baby because it was almost feeding time, and how dare you not feed her on time!

  The next day, we took a long journey by bus to go see my mother. I told Charlotte to take a nap, but she refused. Instead, she made friends with the people on the bus. When she got to my mum's place, she was so grumpy and tired. It was ridiculous!

  But here she is, as a smiley baby... And we wore matching colours.

  At eight months, she's starting to show more of her personality. She's stubborn and doesn't like to be told what to do. She's extremely curious. Generally a very happy baby. She LOVES food. Her teeth haven't come in yet. She can sit and roll and lift her butt up (in an attempt to stand) all on her own. She can stand for a little bit, with support... but she's very lazy. hahaha

  She also loves having her picture taken, if you've noticed how well she makes eye-contact with the camera in the previous photos.

  I can't wait to see what she learns by the time she turns one year old.

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