Wednesday 9 August 2017

with love, Stephanie

  I received a request from one of my Zentangle friends to create art works/cards for someone who was going through cancer treatment. I decided to make a card with a quote of hope inside of it.

There's a tile in the card that is held in by transparent photo corners. The gemstone is a sticker.

  Onwards to other tiles... I tried my hand at illuminated letters. I'll actually be teaching classes on this technique this month. :)

  These next ones are all for Travelling Tangles.
This was from Lin Laidler, featuring Fracas. I added Hollibaugh, Flux, and Fe-Ba. It was great to go back to basic black-ink-on-a-square-tile.

  This next one was from Aleesha Sattva.

I saw a lotus in her start.

Tangles featured include: Diva Dance, Striping, and Printemps.
I used the stippling technique to add shading on the outside of the tangles. 

All shading was done using Tombow markers. And highlights were added using a Uni-Ball Signo Broad pen.

  And this last beauty was started by Lin Laider, too. It's a Bijou tile (1 inch square). Lin did the tiny Printemps and the Crescent Moons, I added Shattuck and Diva Dance Waltz.

  Thanks for looking!

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