Saturday 19 August 2017

happy birthday to...

  August was kind of crazy this year.

  From the 1st to the 9th, The Hubby and I went to Bali for a holiday. The 9th also happens to be Singapore's National Day. Our nation celebrates with a huge parade and lots of fireworks. Then on the 13th, it was one of my best friend's birthday. On the 16th it was my mother-in-law's birthday. On the 23rd, it's my mum's birthday. And we are finishing the month off with MY birthday. woohoo!

  Speaking of birthdays; it's Adele's It's A String Thing Weekly Challenges' fourth birthday. Here's my tile to celebrate:
Four candles, and Knightsbridge. It took me two tries to get the idea I had in mind correctly onto paper.

  And then aside from all of these birthday celebrations, I have begun to try to start new opportunities for Everything Is Art. I joined the UOB Painting of the Year competition. And I'm getting back into the swing of teaching in-person Zentangle classes. It's been wild.

  But I still have found time for other artsy things. Here's my tile for Joey's challenge: African Artist. This tile will eventually join eight other tiles to form one large Opus-sized art work. :) I'm excited.
One tile a week; nine tiles in nine weeks. It's going to look great. I can feel it.

  And lastly, here's my tile for Diva's Challenge: Fragment D1.

  I've made a little booklet for seven Bijous. And this is one of the tiles that will go into the booklet. I'm planning to turn it into a class. We'll see how it goes. ;)

  Want more inspiration? See what I did in my sketchbook in the past week in this blog post.


  1. Oh yes I can feel it too, I know you're going to have fun with this challenge!
    ~ joey ~

  2. Very lovely and inspiring work Stephanie! I do love that Joey piece and I'm looking forward to seeing the Opus emerge.

  3. Your IAST looks very tie dye, neat. It is going to be fun doing Joey's 9 week Challenge.