Tuesday 17 January 2017

playing catch up

  Goodness, how time flies. It's been a while since you last heard from me, eh? Here's a small part of what I've been up to in the past month or so.

... I completed my November Tanglelendar beautifully. December's page didn't go so well and I abandoned ship. But January's page has been alright. As always, you can download your own free template of the calendar via this link.

... I made Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

... And I held holiday classes. Here's some tiles that I did with a group of kids (and two of their teachers) from a student care centre.

  I hope 2017 is starting off in a great way for you, and that your year will be filled with creativity, happiness, and good health. I'll be back to my regular posting from now- once a week post, at minimum. Plus, I'll be back to posting on my YouTube channel soon, too.

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