Sunday 1 May 2016

How to Draw: Cadent

  Cadent is such a pretty tangle and you can do so many things with it... However, in this video, I focus on just teaching the steps to draw the tangle, and varying the "S"-curves of the tangle.

  You can, of course, vary the spheres, vary the grid, vary the size of different elements in the tangle, and also add different patterns inside Cadent. It's so versatile!

  I'll be posting another video of how to draw a triangular Cadent next. Why so much Cadent? Because I wanted to post a new "Draw With Me" video, but then realised that it was a little too advanced for beginners to understand on the get-go. So this video, and the triangular Cadent video will be stepping stones to my next "Draw With Me" video. Excited yet? I know I am. ;)

  Until then, keep tangling!

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