Tuesday 3 May 2016

Future World at the ArtScience Museum

  Future World is a 1500-square-metre digital universe set in the ArtScience Museum and holds 15 wonderful art installations that you can interact and play with. The exhibition is split into four parts: Nature, Town, Park, and Space. Entry fees to Future World is $17 for adults; $14 for seniors (65 years and above), and $10 for children. Being a Singapore Citizen will allow you to get cheaper ticket prices. I had so much fun at the exhibition and definitely recommend you going to check it out. 

  The first exhibit was a field of lighted flowers. There was a sweet, barely floral scent to the exhibit (I swear. Please tell me I wasn't imagining it.) The interesting to this exhibit was that the flowers on display are seasonal and will change as you visit the exhibit at various times of the year. How cool is that?

  The next exhibit was one that looked like a Japanese painting. It's purpose was to show the consequences of rising sea levels.
  There were beanbags strewn around the room!

  Onwards!  I really liked this installation of lighted cubes.
The cubes interact with each other! As you place them beside one another, their colours will change.

  I'm sure kids (and "big kids") will love this installation.

Here's mum half-heartedly posing whilst being distracted by something else.
Someone returned the peace sign to her. hahaha

If you face towards the blocks, you get pretty colours on your face. Which is nice for cool selfies.

  This installation was from the "Water" segment of the exhibit. I recommend taking a panorama picture to capture the entire panel. The cool thing about it is that the water droplets in the animation follow laws of physics.

  Digital hopscotch! You can even create your own game.

  And yes, of course I had a go at it, too. I just never took pictures. It was lots of fun. The shapes disappear when you step on them. And the more accurate you are, the more colourful the display will be.

  And right beside the hopscotch is this playing area:

  The balls change colours as you move them. And there was a nice ambient melody being played from above us.

  There were a bunch of rowdy boys so I didn't want to get into this play area.
  However, I did go to the toddler play area. It was filled with much smaller balls. I pushed the balls to some kiddos and shared some laughs with them. Here's a video of me throwing one of the balls in the air just to show you the light changes:

 The video had its original audio removed because I felt there was too much white noise in the background. Also, my mum was trying to get my attention cause' she was the one filming.

Lighted balls hanging from the ceiling!

  There also were interactive projections on the walls.. You could create towns in other installations... Or draw your own sea creature (I wanted to draw a mermaid but they had templates to follow so I gave that a miss *sad face*). Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of those things... I'm planning on going back to Future World soon, with some friends. So I'll take pictures then.   ^-^

  And of course, the last installation of the exhibition... (You should walk out of the walkway to get better pictures of all of the lights.)

  And of course, the obligatory selfie whilst standing on the walkway amongst all of the lights:
Wait for times when more of the lights are on to take selfies.
And wow... My contacts are really visible in this picture.

  Ahhh~ I look like I'm in a Disney film. *starts humming "I See The Light"*

  If it's any show of how much I loved the exhibit, I'm going again within the next month. I'm so glad it's a permanent exhibit, and I can't wait to see how it evolves over time (some of the installations will be changed as time goes on). Visit the ArtScience museum to experience the magic yourself. And if you go there anytime from now till' the 14th of August 2016, there also is a Art & Science of Gems exhibition happening there too. If you buy tickets to both exhibitions, it'd cost $28. Or if you're a Singapore resident, it'd be $21.

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