Thursday 21 April 2016

it's Spring

  It's Spring and I think that's why I'm currently obsessed with a tangle called "Lanie"... We're also experiencing a heatwave in Singapore... Up to about 37 degrees Celsius (that's 99 degrees Fahrenheit). It's insane.

  We took part in a Mother's Day event at Bukit Batok RC Zone 3. Mr Desmond Lee was the guest-of-honour for the event. Joni and I taught a few Zentangle workshops during the event and with our help, the residents created beautiful Mother's Day cards using some tangles.

  I created this drawing on a canvas for the event:

I first sprayed the entire canvas in gold.
Then drew out the word "Zentangle" in pencil.

Then I drew the tangles with a black Identi pen.

And finally, I added white Printemps to the "Zentangle" with a white Uni-ball Signo pen and added a silver outline to the words to make it pop even more.

  If you haven't seen the photos yet, you can view our photo album for the Bukit Batok event over on our Facebook page. See whether you can spot the canvas drawing in some of the photos. ^-^

  There are times when you'll draw on a tile... only to end up not liking it. I have the habit of keeping those tiles just so I can paint over them with acrylics and then re-using them. Most often, I end up being able to create something beautiful the second time around. Here's one of those tiles:
Black acrylic paint and sweeping brushstrokes; paired with Bunzo. I never quite liked Bunzo when I first learnt to draw it, but I think I've grown to like it now.
This tile is now on its way to New York as a gift to my godmother.

  Some tiles from the Travelling Tangles project:
This one was done with Glenys Sykes. I did very little on this tile: only the basic shape of the Arukas plus the border of Luv-a. Everything else was added by Glenys. I love the Art Nouveau-inspired colours! I was blown away by how beautiful the tile turned out when it started out so simply.

And here's a tile I did with Lynn Noga. She did the jewels; I added the tangles.
This tile was done for the March Monthly Swap but I didn't finish it until now because I didn't know how to make the five jewels link up with one another. It wasn't until last week that I thought to add a border so that it'd look like a little frame around the large jewel.

  Sometimes, you just have to give yourself a little time to figure things out.

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